Have you ever wondered about that little building on the corner of 45th & Tyne?

Our roots in this area actually go all the way back to 1932 when we started as a Sunday School located on Kingsway. In 1953 we moved to our current location at 45th and Tyne and in 1966 began fully functioning as a church with weekly worship and gospel services. We continue to this day as a small group of Christians from this area who simply try to follow what the Bible says and apply it to our lives and to how we function together. We model ourselves after what the Bible teaches us about the New Testament Church, and try to follow its pattern and simplicity.

We’d love to have you visit us. You won’t find anything flashy or extravagant, just real people who love God, His Word and try to live it out daily. If you’re wondering about Christianity, eternity, and why you’re here on this earth, please come find out what the Bible says. We’d love to meet you and you will be warmly welcomed.